Personal Narrative Essay: The Journey Back To California

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Once Cara got back from the long swim in the lake they decided that it was best if they go back to California. Cara packed her long sleeves, each pair of pants and socks and her many shoes. Once they were all done packing they got out of Issac Mendez’s house and got a taxi. Once they got to the airport Cara, Lyle and Issac just stared at the crowd huge of people going in and out of the airport. They got out of the taxi and went into the huge crowd of people with their bags glued to their hands. They bought their tickets to California and walked to the entrance to the plane. Cara sat down in the rows of chairs and sighed of relief being out of the huge crowd. A woman 's voice came through the speakers on the wall saying the plane to California…show more content…
They walked to Mcdonalds, which Cara had a big mac and Lyle had many cheeseburgers while Issac had a salad. Then they went roaming around to go buy marshmallows to put into the crack that starts the tsunami. First they went to the candy store and looked all over the place but didn’t have any luck. Lyle thought which candy store seriously doesn 't sell marshmallows. They went to another candy store and looked all over but still didn’t find any. Then Cara saw a box that a man was carrying a box that said in bold, marshmallows on the box. So she ran up to the man and said, “ Sir I will give you five dollars for just a bag of marshmallows.” He looked surprised but shrugged and gave Cara a bag of marshmallows for the five dollars. They went back to the entrance of the plane to California and there was nobody there but them. Lyle looked at the clock and his eyes widened while his eyebrows almost touched the top of his head. The three hours were up and everyone who was going to California was on the plane already. “Guys, the plane is about to leave. We have to go now!” Lyle said quickly. Issac and Cara said what at the same…show more content…
Lyle ran up to Cara and said, “You can do it, stop the tsunami. You 're my sister and I know you can do it, Cara” she looked at him and smiled. She gave her brother a big hug on the verge of tears. Cara took the bag of marshmallows out of her bag and opened the bag of marshmallows. Cara turned around and drove under the water to get to the crack that starts the tsunami. She swims and swims so deep it starts to get dark. While she was swimming she opened her mouth forgetting she’s under water. She swallowed some water and scrunched her face because of the saltiness. While she was swimming she saw something like a rock so she knew she was close to the ground. She keeps swimming and swimming. Cara finally gets to the bottom of the ground and moved her hands around to touch the ground. It was bumpy and she felt the heavy sand between her hands and pebbles the shape of her nail. Once she felt around the ground for a little bit Cara tries to find the crack of the earthquake. She pats around the ground and her fingers go into a crack and her eyes widen. She sighs of relief and takes the marshmallows out of the bag which she stuffs each one of them into the crack. She takes one marshmallow out one by

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