Descriptive Essay: The Journey To My Grave

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The Journey to My Grave
What is this pain? I linger for a few moments, inhaling as much air as I can, convincing myself, that the pain would fade away, but it has not. This extremely painful sensation has covered my whole body. As quick as I can, I stand up, to grasp the still glass of water lying on the coffee table. I try hard to be in control of my movements. It is as if a demon has possessed me and is toying with my numb body. My feet stay glued to the ground and...down.
Here I lie, paralyzed on the rough floor, waiting for the violence to end. However, it has not. With every breath I take in, the soreness increases. My heartbeats rapidly, until, drop.
At that second, I knew my time had come. The life story of mine has closed, and I have
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It felt as if my mind had locked for infinity. At least I am still granted with two precious senses; seeing and hearing. Quickly, I take a glance at my surroundings. Now figured out that I am stuck in my new permanent spot, which is my coffin. It was painted rich brown, from the inside. The paint was glossy, which indicated it was fresh. Soon, I realize that my entry to my last destination has occurred
The sound of drops of rain, falling onto my coffin, flowed into my ears. While the sounds of shoes, crash onto the wet mud and grass. I could hear the loud chirps of crows, as I go deeper into my last home. Time is flying away, and the footsteps became quieter, until silence has overthrown the air. This was it. It is true I am dead. Now, close to being shut from the rest of the world, and pulled by the other side.
Currently, my grave is getting ready for me, so I think about my life. Various emotions fill me, as I recall the past once more. From a young, cheerful girl, to now a miserable, middle-aged woman, resting in her freshly painted coffin. Life is ridiculously short. Sometimes, I should have just had fun while it lasted. Right now, I would even throw my arms around my biggest enemy. How must they be coping with my sudden death? Maybe if I were the bigger person, they guaranteed I left this world while securing peace with
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