Personal Narrative: The Joy Of Basketball

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The Joy of Basketball I’m on the couch laying down. At a glance, I might be relaxing, but I am intensely focused on the game. The sweat is pouring off of me like Niagra Falls, not because I’m under a blanket and the heat’s cranked up but because I am that emotionally invested in what’s happening on the court. My Oklahoma City Thunder are barely up at the end of the game, and the butterflies are kicking in, like they’re wearing size-13 steel-toed boots. We escaped with a victory by only two points. I love watching basketball, whether it be the very intense moments for a playoff game or my favorite team when they play any old regular season game. Watching solo is fine, but it brings me even more joy when I get to enjoy a game with my friends.…show more content…
I get the satisfaction of victory every time my team ends up winning. I’m always fanning anyway that I can. Sometimes my parents text me or come downstairs just because I’m screaming at the TV because some amazing play happened or we’re losing. I set aside nights to myself; that way I’m able to watch my game in peace. I’m like a monk locking himself in his chamber to meditate: two and a half hours of pure peace. Watching my game is all I ask for on days that my team play. When they end up losing, I’m not always in the best mood. When they end up winning though, I’m as happy as somebody who just won the jackpot in the lottery. I’m screaming for joy after each game. Earlier this year, I was watching this game where my team (the Oklahoma City Thunder) was tied with 11.1 seconds left in the 4th quarter. My favorite player in the NBA hit the game winner, and I was shouting for the skies because we had won. I was jumping up and down and just so happy all because my team won. It had felt as if I was at the game with all the fans in the enormous crowd. The blood was rushing in me and I was a happy camper for the rest of the…show more content…
We go all out sometimes and buy a bunch of food just for one game. It’s like the Super Bowl is every night for us that we watch games. We sit back on the couch with the giant stereo system I have at my house and it feels like we’re there. Watching the games with my friends is just something that I absolutely love to do. Sometimes it’s for a whole game and sometimes it’s only the second half. No matter how much time we have, we enjoy each and every minute of it. Back on Christmas last year I had my friend come over to watch my favorite team play. It was a tough matchup for my team knowing they were going against the one of the top three best teams in the league. My friend absolutely hates my team, so he was just full of bashing my team the whole game. While I was cheering and shouting for my team, he was just bashing it all he could. I didn’t ask for him to come over and just hate on my team, but he did exactly that. I was wanting somebody to watch the game with me, so I called him over. As the game came to an end, my team had pulled away and he was over across the room shouting at the TV and telling the other team they should’ve won. Could they hear him? They absolutely couldn’t hear him. He kept yelling hoping they would hear him, and I was just laughing at how stupid he was. Having my friends over just to watch a game is both hysterical and
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