Personal Narrative: My Diary Junhwan

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It's two days left until June. Junhwan will be back to Korea in few days. I feel little wierd writing my diary, since I already mentioned most of things that happened today while I'm practicing speaking before I did any of my evening routine. The change helped me to secure more topics that I can talk about, but it was a tradeoff in hindsight, considering how hard it got to write my diary meaningful.
It was a long day. I'm getting used to my daily routing and everything feels like it's in a rut. I don't get any fulfillment other than vague preparation for immigration.
I discovered that whenever I get depressed, I daydream about eating a gigantic chocolete cake, as if it's my birthday. It is a clue about how stressed I've got and I must keep that in mind to actually not to practice the thought.
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My English tutor, Madi, and I ahd the last call, since she be retiring from the job next month. She was nice enough to keep listening to me more than two more minutes. She also encouraged me that I will be able to make my dream and my plan come true if I keep putting efforts to perfecting English skills.
Today is the last day when I have to cram my breakfast in just few minutes in order to finish it before the tutor calls me. I think I should reevaluate the nutritional facts of the general breakfast diet of the cafeteria and come up with the best option, considering the significance of the meals due to their frequency.
I kept testing the specimen. There is nothing special or interesting to write about. I have sold the cleaver I planned on selling for couple of weeks. I had to cut down on the price, but I'm glad that I got rid of

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