Personal Narrative Essay: The Last Day Of The Year

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It’s a Friday morning. Today would have been just an average day for most students, and they would have awakened with the immediate thought of, “Todays the last day of the week” on their minds. I However, woke up excited to go to school. As soon as I was dressed, I grabbed my coat and bookbag and headed out for school. Today was the day that we had a tournament.
I stepped outside my front door and stepped into the heavy dew filled grass, and breathed in the clean, crisp air of the 10 o’clock weather. Eyes wide and a large grin stamped on my face, I rubbed my hands in excitement as I walked to school. I’ve waited all week for this, spending three hours every night, grinding in anticipation for this day. Soon, I would be able to show what I had to others. The school day passed by in a haze, all I
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“Alright everyone we are about to start.” Said the organizer, putting a silence to all the random conversations. “Now that we’re all here and ready, let’s start our first round of the tournament!”
My first opponent made a great sand bag. The way he maneuvered around the stage was sloppy, and his attack options were poor, alone, these two things make up for a bad player, those two traits together against myself, led him into playing like someone who wasn’t even there. I had no trouble fighting him and I end up steam-rolling him with a 4-stock lead. It was a blast taking him down. The excitement of the crowd behind me gave me a new high that I never wanted to leave. But eventually I had to take my seat and let the tournament resume. After my match, watching the matches in-between were great fun. I got to see how my friends played at their best against people they didn’t know. The once frigid room engulfed with the fiery cheers of both the people pouring their hearts out through their controllers and those who were vastly entertained by the scene happening before
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