Personal Narrative Essay: The Life Of A Mother's Life

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We had a daily routine and this day was no different at first. Every day was the same we got up, I went to school, my mom and I came home, my mom fixed dinner, my dad arrived home, we ate and we went to bed. The day was the same until after dinner. We had finished our meal and my mom had started cleaning up. I could tell that day that my mom had probably had a long rough day. I knew it was true when my dad made some smart remark and my mom went off. Usually if my dad made some rude comment my mom would ignore it or say some little thing and drop it. There were a few times when my parents had more than a few words, but the conversation usually quickly resolved themselves. When my dad made his comment my mom went off and did not stop. While she was giving my dad a piece of her mind I decided to go to my room.
My room was kind of like my safe haven because rarely anyone ever came in and I could ignore the world when I was in there. I turned on my television to try to drown out the sound of my parents. That did not last for long though because I could still hear them arguing. I could quickly tell that the argument turned into something more than about
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My mom decided to make a call. My grandparents died before I was ever born and my mom had no one else to turn to except her friends. The call she had made was to one of her closest friend. Over the phone my mom explained the situation and asked for advice. After talking for a while my mom got off the phone and started talking to me, I remember one distinct thing she said to me. She said that she wished my grandparents were alive and that if they were alive we would not go back. I questioned what she meant, but then it came to me. She did not want to go back to our home and have to deal with my dad. My mom did not want to listen to my dad anymore, she was tired of him and want to be some where he was not. Many things I never knew about my parent’s relationship came out that
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