Descriptive Essay About Going To College

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My first article of clothing is a maroon crewneck derived directly from my final decision of where to attend college. Originally, ever since at least junior year of high school, everyone knew I was to attend the University of Kansas. I had visited the university twice and even had an orientation date planned. It was very late into my senior year before the final decision of choosing Iowa State was finalized. I was extremely hesitant, especially towards the proximity of ISU and my hometown. I always had the idea to attend college far, far away from home. Although, being an only child, this dream of leaving across the country left my parents in a panic. Iowa State offered the same atmosphere KU did and both gave me goosebumps but in a homelike…show more content…
This beauty of a shirt is straight out of my father’s closet. Since I am over one foot shorter than my dad, putting this on goes past my knees, which always makes me laugh to myself. He can’t recall how old it is exactly, but I can only imagine. I have always loved wearing it around the house and lounging around. My dad is one of the most influential people in my life even besides the fact that nowadays I basically am in charge of dressing him and buy/pick out his clothes, I really enjoy this shirt that looks like it came straight out of Good Will. I have never been good at letting go of things, no matter how small, whether it be clothes, birthday cards, or even toys from childhood. I have always been a ‘daddy’s girl’ and don’t see it changing anytime soon. Wearing other people’s clothes always seems more comfy than wearing our own anyway, right?

Speaking of parents, I can’t not just mention my mother, let alone the most beautiful jacket I have ever owned! I received this beauty as a gift on the Christmas of 2016 and ever since, I wear it every occasion I find appropriate, which to be honest with you, is most. The colors layered within this faux fur is the sum of my whole closet. (Although my closet includes mostly black). But even then, it works with the jacket. The jacket is thick, warm, and includes a hood so I don’t even need to add a hat to the outfit. No matter where I wear this gem, at least one person comments
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There I was extremely more inspired by fashion than I have ever been by a Vogue magazine here in the United States. Some of the outfits both men and women wore during the day in Italy made my “going out” outfits look shameful. As embarrassing as it was before, I grew to learn and adapt to their style. I was very much influenced about what they had to offer and how I could grow and adapt to an aesthetic I found so much more appealing than the USA. These platform shoes are one of my favorite examples. You can even see the dry blood in one of them from breaking them in without socks…. Which I apologize about, but I plan my outfits now around these beautiful shoes if possible. They are an example of my changed, more developed, fashion
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