Personal Narrative: My Experience At Fort Peck Lake

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“This is going to be torture” Complaining to my dad as we were driving to Fort Peck Lake. “There is no signal and there will be nothing to do for the three days we will be there.” I knew that the normal things I did each day I could not do there. In addition to no cell service, there was also only public bathrooms, no showers, all of the water had to be brought in, and worst of all, there was no available electricity. This was backwater country even for Montana. The minute I reached the lake I felt a sense of isolation as I realized that I would be stuck in this unappealing country. I climbed out of the car and explored the campsite. The shoreline was scattered with the occasional skeleton of a fish that was unlucky enough to be caught by…show more content…
I got up at eight o’clock and went with my dad to go fishing on my uncles boat. One hour into fishing, I made one of my favorite catches. It was around ten o’clock in the morning, and on the boat there was my uncle, my dad, and my grandpa. It all began when my grandpa got a bite and so he was struggling as he was reeling in his fish. Since my pole was near his in the water, I was told to reel my line in so that it would not tangle with my grandpa’s. When I began to reel it in there was far more slack than usual. On the other hand, my grandpa was having a real hard time reeling in his fish. As we both reeled in more and more both of our lines came up as tangled so we had to untangle both lines while trying to keep my grandpa’s fish still on the line. By the time my Grandpa could see the fish on the end of the line, he noticed that my line was on the end of his and that beyond his fish there was a large shadow in the water. Once my uncle got my line untangled from my grandpa’s line I felt all of the slack I had disappeared. There was something really strong at the end of the line and whatever it was did not want to be pulled to the surface. Thankfully, my grandpa had gotten his fish out of the water and so I had all of the room to get the fish into the boat. When I started to fight the fish, he had been close to the boat because by grandpa had been unknowingly reeling in both of our fish. A few minutes later, the fish reached the boat and everyone got to see the massive striped bass that I caught. The best part of the catch was that I did not have to do all of the work for a great fish and my grandpa had to reel in two fish and his own fish happened to be a trash fish. I kept the fish and had it for dinner the following
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