Personal Narrative Essay: The Loss Of My Great Grandmother

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Deciding on a topic for this paper was a true challenge. On one side, nothing particularly exciting and worth discussing had been or is going on in my life. On the other side, it is scary to bring up the bad memories, problems or bitter incidents; it is like accidentally scratching an old scar. You do not know whether you will feel nothing, or if you will make it bleed again. However, I decided to be brave and talk about the biggest loss I have encountered so far: the loss of my great grandmother. Memory is a fascinating and marvelous thing that we surely take for granted as it is an unconscious task performed by our brain. It is insanely powerful and enables us to remember all sorts of matters without much effort. From memorizing the material…show more content…
As a child, I was curious about all kinds of matters such as cooking, baking, doing the dishes and sewing. There was no way for my mother to let me in the kitchen or allow me to do any minor task. “In order to understand we need to know. In order to know, we need to experience and, in order to experience, we need to have opportunity” (Robinson). I experienced this pleasure of having an opportunity only at my great grandmother’s house, of course under her very meticulous supervision. The first time I washed the dishes or made an omelet was in her kitchen. She was a retired tailor, but still held on to a little workshop in her house for minor sewing tasks. I was amazed by her work as she was a true artist. She used to let me organize her box of buttons or show me how to sew a shape on a small piece of tissue. I remember how she used to support my childhood projects. One day I wanted to make tiny drawers, made of matchstick boxes, I have seen in a kids’ magazine. Not only did she help me glue the boxes together, but she sewed a little cover for the drawers made of a pink polka dot tissue that I’ll never forget. “Human attachment consists of one person providing another with a secure base from which to explore and a safe haven when distressed” (Myers), which was everything she offered

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