Personal Narrative Essay: The Lost In The Regional Championship

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We lost in the Regional Championship game on a comeback. We played a great game, but that wasn’t enough. If I would have passed a second earlier, if I would have taken the shot, if I would have taken the defender one-on-one could that have changed the game? I saw tears coming from the whole team and realized the my team was feeling the same frustration and disappointment that I was. This would be the last time I was on the field with my senior teammates. I linked arms with my teammates as we sung our alma mater. The hard work, the connections with my teammates, the excitement, and the leadership that I went through to get to this point during the season was gone. Everything that I took for granted suddenly flashed before me. These teammates weren’t just some kids I played soccer with. They were brothers that I would be remember for the rest of my life. I told myself that this will never happen again. I will never feel like this again. I want to be the one holding up the trophy and cheering, not the one in…show more content…
I’m tired of losing.” Coach replied, “Get bigger, stronger, and work on that touch of yours.” So, I organized a meeting of the junior soccer players for next year and told them the changes that needed to be made for a successful season. We got to work on the field, training until the sun went down. The season was a year away, but we were hungry for the trophy. Throughout the rest of the school year, I lifted weights; getting stronger and stronger everyday. After school, I ran to bolster my cardiovascular fitness. I practiced every minute I could. At the end of the day if I didn’t feel like my whole body was so sore that I can’t move, then I needed to work harder. The next day I did even more than the day before; adding ten extra pounds on the bar in weights, pushing myself to sprint for an extra minute during my run, putting all that I had into practice, making sure that I always came out on
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