Descriptive Essay: The Miracle

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The Miracle

The snowflakes twirled ever so carefully, spinning gracefully in the air like a ballerina until it landed on the ground, where it clumped together to form this white blanket of snow that covered everything in its path, leaving nothing to escape from its wrath. It was a cruel fate for most who had to deal with the cold chills and slippery snow, leaving many to curse under their breath as they silently wished for summer to come. They were bundled up in their drab jackets, scarfs wrapped tightly in order to prevent the cold from getting in, their red noses and red, dry eyes to be on show for everyone. It was struggle for them, leaving their yearning for a warm drink or a cozy fireplace to grow.
For me, as I walked with a spring in my step, the snow crinkled like paper under my feet. It was a thrill that left me to be filled with energy. The gentle but cold wind easily cut through the holes in my jacket. It left me to shiver as the cold slush
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At first sight, the smallness of this masterpiece of American culture would leave many to be turned off, but the bright red neon lights that donned the flat roof of the building made it up. Its brightness serves as a beacon in times like this for the hungry or tired souls who need to escape from the world to indulge on the delicacies that it has to offer.
As soon as I walked towards it and stepped inside, all of my problems and worries disappeared, leaving only a feeling of calmness. From the leather high chairs that squeaked as you sat on them, to the old jukebox in the far corner of the room that beared old singles that were popular 20 or 30 years ago, even the old photos of celebrities such as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, framed and hanged on the walls could leave one to be swept up in the nostalgia and happiness that is admitted from this
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