My Most Embarrassing Day Essay

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I could not hide my embarrassment as I walked down the narrow hallway of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) when my best friend Kayden exclaimed, “you can totally be a Southeast Asian representative with all the nationalities that people say you are”. These words echoed in my ears despite the loud noise that was generated by the ongoing construction work happening in the background, making my face turn bright red. This is what happens when someone mistakes me for a foreigner or when someone speaks to me in languages that I can hardly decipher. This is not the first time that I was being mistaken for an Indonesian and I was frustrated, I was fuming. In my head, I was questioning myself – do I not look Singaporean enough for people to question…show more content…
The first day at work was probably the most embarrassing day of my life. When I first entered the building and headed to the lift, the person that I was in the same lift as asked me which level I was going to in Thai. I obviously did not understand what he was saying and was taken aback. I stared at him and said “sorry”, looking confused and evidently annoyed. He was quick to apologise, saying that he thought I was Thai and asked the same question apologetically in English before I went on my own way. I was hoping that would be the end of my nightmare, but it was not. Lunch was probably the most awkward moment in my life because my supervisor started apologising as soon as we arrived at the food court as there was no halal options available where we were at. In my head, I was screaming – ‘I can have anything I want and nobody can stop me. I love minced meat noodles and I am going to have that for lunch!’ Despite that, I had to explain that he did not have to worry because I am not a Muslim. He was confused and asked me “so what are you, Vietnamese?” All I could do was sigh in disbelief and explain that I am a Singaporean Chinese, like he

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