Personal Narrative Essay: The New School

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The first time I had ever heard of The New School, it was listed in a choice for enrichments to learn about what it stood for. I was a junior and even thinking about college felt like too much stress that my brain could not handle. So I didn’t go. But I researched. For some unknown reason, the name stuck with me. The description of The New School fueled my ideas of going into the liberal arts even though my parents always “joked” that I should be a doctor or a lawyer. My dad always tells me that I need to make sure to go far. He crossed the border, got deported 2 times, struggled for a residency, and settled into working in a factory for 37 years and counting, just so he could give me one chance at getting an education. My mom worked for her U.S. citizenship and just as hard for me as my dad does. I wanted to make sure I did what they wanted me to do. But as I grew up, I realized that although the jobs my parents wanted me to do would get me a…show more content…
Usually, in any other college or university environment, I would be sharing my work with only other people in my major. It would make me fall into my shell of shyness again. But with The New School’s environment, the fear of judgment fades away. I would love having the ability to go into a separate area of expertise and see how someone in that different major would view something I would write. I would love having the ability to combine my writing with lessons in design that I can not only tie into my writing but my photography, too. The fluidity in liberal arts is lost in some universities due to their separate schools of journalism. But The New School takes my ability to tell a story with factual evidence and relevancy and allows it to dip into other art forms to create something truly unique. The New School gives me the power to truly be unique by using the already present fluidity in the liberal arts to make my writing as complex and as fluid as my life, and anyone’s life
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