Creative Writing: The Haunted House

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“Hello? Hello? This is kay and I need help it’s an emergency!”, I said into the phone while in panic.

I heard what I thought was an airplane landing, but in front of my house? It was blinking lights and there was no one on the phone. I think whatever was flying near my house cut the telephone cords. I raced up the stairs nearly tripping on my mom's purse lying on the floor. They should not have left me home alone in the house just to go on their date. Maybe they should have thought:

“Hey my daughter would get kidnapped so why don’t I drop her off at her friend's house.”

Once I was in my room I saw darkness and shadows coming after me, but there was no time to panic of tree shadows. There was no where else to hide but my closet.
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Then the lights flickered until it was fully on as someone entered the room, but it was more like something. It looked like an alien like creature or a disfigured animal walking on two legs. Or was it an alien? No I was being silly, I thought. Maybe it was a person in a costume hiding his or her identity. No matter what it was I became terrified more than when I went in the haunted house once when it was two days before Halloween.

It said stuff in gibberish into something that looked like a voice recorder. When it finished talking, a robot voice came out of the voice recorder looking object and I think it translated what the deformed creature said.

“There there girl it will be ok. My my you are an excellent one we caught didn’t we. You will be in a zoo and be safe. You should be thankful that you have plenty to eat with hay and water. We studied the human culture but some of you are different creatures like a dog, cat, and cow and things like that so we assumed that since there are a lot of those other creatures we knew that they are humans too just named differently and you all eat food that the other creatures like a cow eat.”

Then it left and a few hours have past since the alien creature visited. After those few hours, there was rumbling. Thei were red lights that kept blinking and a speaker made an emergency beeping

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