Personal Narrative Essay: The Parking At Walmart

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The parking lot at Walmart was accessible. We went in the morning around 10:00 AM, so it wasn’t too busy with people. There were several handicap parking spots, lots of space for walking, and a pretty big cross walk. Once inside, the lightening is bright, and building is large. It’s a Supercenter, so it’s not limited to grocery items. Since there weren’t many people, most of the noise came from the background music. We heard announcements from the intercom, the sound of shopping carts, and the sound of people checking out. The aisles were all labeled by the items provided. There was a sign for the restrooms, water fountains, customer service, and departments. It was a nice day outside, mid-60s and sunny, but the temperature inside was chilly. There were many workers in the store that were willing…show more content…
We decided that we would not go alone; instead, we would go at a time that works for a family member or friend that could provide assistance in transportation and communication. We could even schedule a time with a family member or ask a neighbor for help. We could also use an AAC device to help explain what we need or where we need to go. With the assistance of a friend or family member, we could take a car, ride a bus, or take a taxi. A consideration to keep in mind is if a family member or friend couldn’t find a specific time to assist us, then we would have to take a public transportation bus. This would be the most convenient transportation, because it wouldn’t require too much communication. We would be able to visualize the city and our environment. We wouldn’t have to explain to the bus driver where we needed to go; we would have a choice of where we wanted to go since buses drive in a routine cycle. With this diagnosis, we would be able to recognize where Walmart was, where the bus stop was, and know when to get off. We would also need a handicap accessible
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