Personal Narrative Essay: The Perfect Waterfowl Hunt

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Have you ever been so excited for a hunt you could not sleep the night before. The perfect ` waterfowl hunt for me would be in the world's biggest blind in Louisiana. I would hit the duck limit with all pintails,or hit the goose limit with all specs. I would take my dad's friend Bryson because he took me on my first hunt. The first time I shot a big duck was very difficult because I was shivering. It took me three long shots Bang Bang Bang. I would use a remington semi auto 12ga. Although my escort is fine. Duck hunting can be very fun and difficult at the same time because it is very hard to shoot a flying animal. It can also be fun like when you shoot a very nice duck and all the hard work is payed off. Duck hunting takes a lot of work to like setting up all the decoys and then taking them down. There is a lot of things you have to do for duck hunting like building blinds and building…show more content…
My first hunt I went on was very cold. This hunt,though extremely cold,was very enjoyable. The hunt was cold as a block of dry ice. My first hunt was very cold and bright and it started a dawn when the sun was just rising at about 6:30. This hunt would also take place in the biggest blind in the world which is also in Louisiana. Ducks are easy to find,and hard to kill. Duck hunting is very fun because you are shooting the ducks,freezing the meat,then eating the delicacy. Shooting and throwing,hunting and searching. Practice is known to make perfect.One day I want to be as good as Phill Robertson.This would be the perfect waterfowl hunt because it is with all of my closest friends and I have everything that I want on this hunt. This would be the best hunt ever because we have all the meat for the freezer. A freezer is easy to empty,but hard to fill. Now you can probably understand why I get so excited before a big

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