Personal Narrative: How My Mom Has Changed My Life

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My dad leaving me and my mom has changed me into the person I am today because when I was a little younger I would never listen or even show respect to anyone. I was always so bad and I just cared about myself that was it even in school I was disrespectful to my teachers and I didn’t care. I would always get in trouble and talk back once he left I thought a lot about myself and I would tell myself that he left me and my mom because of me and because I was so bad and disrespectful and I hated myself I hated the person I turned into and I knew my mom did too. So I told myself that I was gonna change and for the better so I started listening in class,not talking back,showing respect to people,and being really nice to friends and family.…show more content…
A week later I started school I was so scared I really wanted my real dad to be there with my mom taking me to school and dropping me off but I knew he would never come even if I have changed into a better person I just hoped that my stepdad can be a better dad than my real father could ever be. Three months later I was walking home and when I got home I checked the mail and there was a letter that said my name on it and it said it was from my dad it came all the way from vegas I just stood there looking at…show more content…
I have a really good job in a resturant and i’m the manager of the kitchen the have said I am the best cook and i’m working in one of the biggest resturants out here we have both went our own ways and for the
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