Personal Narrative Essay: The Power Of Hard Work

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“I’m so sorry sir,” my mother whispered as she counted out coins to pay for our groceries. A long line had formed behind us and the cashier was looking increasingly annoyed. A few pennies fell to the floor as my mother tried to quicken her pace of counting. She hastily gathered them up as I stood patiently holding bags of groceries, looking curiously at the condescending expressions on the faces of the other people in line. My mother had tears in her eyes as we walked home. I knew she felt embarrassed about always paying with coins; that much I had been able to glean from overhearing my parents talk worriedly about our savings and expenses. As a five-year old, I was unsure how to help other than by fishing out the penny I found on the playground earlier that day…show more content…
My upbringing was a blessing in disguise, as it taught me to stand up for myself against people who attempt to dismiss or diminish me. While it was difficult to be surrounded by peers who did not face financial struggles at home or who did not care to understand my background or perspective, my parents’ example continually inspired me. My belief in the power of hard work, an ethos instilled in me by my parents, eventually helped me secure a full scholarship to Washington and Lee, and it is this belief that will enable me to be an effective human rights advocate. Growing up at the intersection of several minority identities has forced me to live life from a perspective of constant struggle, an experience that has afforded me a mindset that takes nothing for granted and the resolve to improve any situation I face. Witnessing my parents’ determination to create a home in a new country by overcoming adversity taught me to meet challenges with an open mind and an iron will. It is this perspective and approach that I would bring to the Harvard Law School campus and

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