Myrtle Monologue

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July 23, 1922

I am sorry for your loss they said. I must admit it hurts to see that the person you shared most of your life with is dead. Myrtle always said love is hard and exhausting. I never genuinely understood what she meant because she only began saying that recently. Myrtle never pointed out that she was unhappy or bothered but I conjecture, it is partially my fault for not asking. They told me grief is the price you pay for love, and here I am now dealing with her death. I guess everybody has passed though this phase sometime during their life but why me? Myrtle cheated on me, she took it too far. Though I kind of doubted it, I felt like she was not the Myrtle I first met. I remember when I met her for the first time, she was kind and adoring. She changed into a entirely different person.I tried to figure out what was wrong with her but she wouldn't talk.

A few days back I went into the house and saw a dog collar hidden under Myrtle’s clothes. I remember it vividly, it was a red diamond encrusted collar. She could not have bought it herself
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We were so in love that not even eternity would ever separate us from each other. We spent the mornings walking through the park and evenings having a little dinner together. She was happy. Every time I looked into those eyes I saw a spark that glistened and with that, I was happy too. Then, as time past, it got rougher. She hated the mornings, she would rather sleep that have stroll in the park. The garage business was busy, I had no time but to work in the evenings. I rarely got to see her and when I did I looked into her eyes and the spark was lost. Gatsby will pay for what he has done. He took her away from me and I plan on taking him away too. I will walk to his house, kill him and kill myself afterwards. I have no purpose in life now that she is gone. Maybe she is in a better place now. I still love her and will always love her. I forgive
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