Personal Narrative Essay: The Science Olympiad Regional Competition

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The Competition The day has arrived for the Science Olympiad Regional Competition. It was 7:00 A.M. in the morning and freezing at Antelope Valley College, but I was sweating like crazy due to my nervousness. When my dad and I were walking to Dana’s base camp, I looked around the college, and it shocked me that there were an enormous amount of teams and schools participating, making me even more nervous. I thought to myself, ”With all these schools and clubs here, how will I ever have the chance of winning a medal?” Somehow, due to my nervousness, I soon reflect upon the time I started Science Olympiad. There were a lot of categories to take, and I knew which classes I wanted to focus on. The classes there seemed tedious at first, but then they became more stimulating, and I soon became fascinated with the lessons. I also practiced…show more content…
This time, all the schools in Los Angeles were in the competition. I was the only sixth grader chosen to go there, and it was a big honor to me. I also didn’t want to make my coaches and parents disappointed. I was chosen to represent two of my competitions, Hovercraft and Scrambler which are my engineering classes. While waiting for my competitions to start, I practiced with my coaches and thought to myself, “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this,” hopefully trying to increase my confidence. Finally, it was my turn to go the competition with butterflies in my stomach, and a big burden on me. My partner Justin, a ninth grader, approached me and said, “Don’t worry we got this, just focus and you’ll be all right.” As we were done with our test, it was our turn to show our Hovercraft. I powered it up, and I could feel the strong air pushing against my face from the blazing force our hovercraft went. The hovercraft passed the finish line and got a good time of 0.9 seconds. The judges were speechless, and astonished how our hovercraft moved that
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