Personal Narrative Essay: The Scion Road Trip

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“WHAT THE HELL??” I hear my mom yell from my bedroom for the hundredth time this year. With my parents recently divorced, my brother and I had learned to just stay in our bedroom when mom gets a call from our dad. I was getting really sick of hearing about the divorce and ready to just move on, I was supposed to be in college right now but I decided to hold off so I could take time off but I’m really starting to regret it. The only friends I have now are a few people I talk to on Instagram whom I’ve never met and just share common interest of Scion’s together. I thought to myself what if I moved to where they all where and left this place? But I knew I couldn’t do that because I was broke. I get up one day once again to the yelling. I decide I need a getaway, something to keep my mind occupied. I get on my laptop thinking about those people I talked to everyday on Instagram and decide to look them up on Facebook and add them as friends. I make a group called “Scion Road Trip.” We all start talking in one big group dreaming what it’d be like to travel all to one spot and hangout with one another, with nothing but our cars to worry about.…show more content…
The trip was fun, we got to discuss things and learn new things about one another but trouble was ahead. Going into Tucumcari, New Mexico, my new car breaks a CV axle leaving us stranded on the side of the road in the desert. I freak out, not knowing what to do or how to act. Madison acts calm and collected, she says to me that we need to call for a tow truck, which I do. We wait for what feels like hours. When they finally arrive and we get to the shop they tell us they won’t have a new part till the morning so we will have to stay the night. Being the small town of Tucumcari there was only the shop that was fixing my car, a motel, a K-Mart and a diner for miles. We go ahead and get supplies for the night and stay the night in the
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