Essay On My First Day

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The First Day Fear started to take over. Sweat was beading through my temple. This moment felt like the beginning of a new life. I never realized it would be so nerve wracking, but here I was. In front of me was my new school. The atmosphere of the school was calm and quiet. Causing me to be even more anxious. I slowly walked into this unfamiliar place. As I entered, I noticed the sea of students. Though, there was something different about all of them-most of them were in groups laughing and smiling. Except for me, I felt very isolated. Like an alien who had just come to planet Earth. Then I thought to myself, maybe I shouldn’t have left my old school, maybe this was a mistake. As I was looking down upon myself, I had seen a familiar face walking through the maze of strangers. My old friend from elementary school was there. From the…show more content…
“I go here now.”, I said with little confidence. “Oh, I’m so glad! You’re going to love it here.” she promised. Develop this friend. Every bone in my body was hoping she was right. After our little conversation, she had asked to look at my schedule to see if we had any classes together. Unfortunately, we had only one. Though, I was grateful to have someone to get me through my first day. Of course, there were others around that were anxious for their first day, but for me it’s was different. “Briiiing!” Went the bell. I felt the weight release from my shoulder. Once I stepped outside of my classroom, it felt as though there was an earthquake occurring. It was a maze of students and I was just hoping to find my way out. “Briiiinng!”There went the bell again. But this time, panic was running through my brain. How could I already be late on my first day? Trying to find room 107 was like an endless treasure hunt. There’s 103, 105, and finally, room 107. Ah, I made
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