Personal Narrative Essay: The Sport Of Baseball

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Baseball, America’s favorite pastime, is a sport in which so many kids dream of growing up and playing under the lights like their favorite baseball heroes. They dream of playing at Yankee Stadium alongside legends such as Derek Jeter as the crowd of fifty thousand spectators chant their name. The dream that sprouts from the first tee ball game all the way through little league and high school. Baseball to me wasn 't just a game, it was life. It was a life full of ups and downs, joy and disappointment.
To a great deal of people, baseball is merely just whacking a ball with a stick. But to me, baseball is a complicated sport of strategy and statistics. From the batting order to pitcher matchups, every decision has to be carefully analyzed and
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All of the freshman filed into the locker room. The other kids were in high spirits. I sat alone in the corner away from the group, quiet and motionless like a statue. Gradually each kid was called on and the room which had began as a circus fiasco morphed into a peaceful garden. I could finally hear myself think when I was summoned to hear my fate.
I didn’t make the team. I was told I displayed terrific work ethic but my baseball mechanics weren’t where they needed to be. I was distraught, how could this happen to me? Although I knew deep down this fate was inevitable, I was still awestruck. I lost all confidence in myself. If I couldn’t even make the freshman team, how could I do anything? I was deterred, but fought back. I joined another little league team and had the best season yet as a baseball player. It was the most enjoyable experience that I can recall.
Walking into that old, stinking gym doesn’t remind me of failure anymore. To me, it represents my ability to succeed. I was pushed away from my dream but I pushed back even harder. Life isn’t always fair, accomplishing your dream may not be easy, but if do your best, everything will work out in the
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