Personal Narrative Essay: The Sport Of Softball

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The high school that I went to was not really known for being good at anything but music. Our music program was phenomenal. Our head director of music won a grammy. But everybody that played sports always put their all into it even if we our teams never really won much. I played two sports in high school. My soccer team won 6 games my entire high school so obviously we were not very good but i still had so much passion for the sport. The other sport I played in high school was Softball. But for softball we were actually amazing. My junior year in softball everybody was scared to play us because we were scary good. My senior year we were still pretty good but not nearly as good as we were my junior year. But the thing that seemed to be the…show more content…
No matter how dreary it may seemed before and after games our coach and the rest of the team and me would make it the happiest place on earth. Softball wasn't just a sport to us it was a lifestyle. We loved the smell of our foul bags that held out cleats and uniforms. We loved the sound of aluminum hitting the ball because we all knew where the ball was going and how good of a hit it was. We loved the sound of the parents all cheering at once. It didn't really sound like much except a bunch of mumbled words all put together but we all knew what they meant. We loved the smell of the bus after the games because not only did we ride the bus but the boys did also. Our baseball team was also the best baseball team in chautauqua county my junior year. We would get on the bus and there would just be an aroma of smells and feelings that is really indescribable. But the shed was our place. My junior year after we lost in the playoffs we all went in there and cried and for the first time it wasn't the happiest place on earth anymore. At that exact moment it was to us the saddest place. But to me I was sad we lost but I still had another year to play so I wasn't that sad. My last game my junior year the shed was so full

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