Personal Narrative Essay: The Sport Of Wrestling

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Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is an option. At some points in my life I’ve hated the sport of wrestling. At other I’ve never loved anything more. All in all, wrestling has taught me a lot about myself. When i placed at the state tournament, I learned that no matter where someone comes from they can do big things, if they have the right mindset and the determination.
Practice that week, to get ready for the state tournament was rough. The wrestling room was hot and smelly. I really didn’t want to be there. It was just me in my taped up wrestling shoes, my sweatpants and hoodie. Not to mention my ever so lovely coaches. Coach Robinson was about 6’1” and about 210 pounds. Coach Castro was about 5’7” and about 170 pounds. There was no one else going to state so of course i had to wrestle them. At the time I
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That is probably what hurt me the most. I had a good warm-up but your first match is always your worse one. At the state tournament you can’t have a bad match. Unfortunately, i did. Now, I was in the loser's bracket, it seemed like all was lost. I was so upset at myself. Not because i lost, but because of all the people i would prove right.

I eventually won seven matches to make it to the placement round. Seven doesn’t seem like a lot, but 7 in one day is a lot to a wrestler. I was so relieved. The match started out pretty good. My opponent was about my size; 5’7” 138 pounds. He was strong, my heart was pounding, i was sweating bullets, I couldn’t hear a thing. The match was 0-0 going into the second period. I was okay with where I was. At the start of the second period I chose bottom and got out and towards the end of the period he took me down.

Heading into the third period, i was losing two to one. I was tired and so was the other kid. I could hear myself breathing heavy and my coaches saying that I needed to keep pushing. I was thinking there is no way I am losing this
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