Personal Narrative Essay: The Status Of African Americans

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The status quo is something to be admired when you’re at the top of it’s food chain. The lines drawn to keep my skin and that of the white man’s skin is nothing but a control factor. Both races know that we’re not being contained like we have a disease, yet the white population’s movements and procedures say otherwise. The thin line that separates our lunch room acts as a glass window, separating a patient terminally ill, and a bystander walking by acknowledging that pain, but not sympathizing unless it’s their loved one in their. If you eat the food I’m eating on, you’re not going to catch anything. Any notions one may have of using the same facilities of colored men is not that of health concern, but that of social suicide. Speaking out has any consequences tied to it. Being a Black man and going against the grain puts one in the line to get killed. I personally believe in all of the progress being made like The Civil Rights Act of 1968 for blacks. Even though my family is not the best of financially and are pretty settled where we are now, having the possibility to get another property is really nice. Being judged on your financial credentials alone is very soothing. Having a double consciousness as a black man and father is really a burden. Struggling financially due to finding odd and end jobs and caring for two sweet…show more content…
I prefer the words of MlK about peaceful protests and actions rather than my hard groups that are looking for a quick and easy fix. I believe that true equality needs to be implemented through time in order to lay a framework. For that idea is the world I want my girls to live in, a more foundationally sound surrounding and laws like that The Civil Rights Act of 1968 and hopefully many more to come. Until then, I will eat at my own table separately knowing that I can’t get lost in my current situation, but have to look to god for
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