Narrative Essay On Small Travel

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Everyone wanted a change in their town, but little did they know that that would affect everything else in the present and the future. So there were a couple people who were willing to go traveling just to have an adventure. There was four of them because the government did not want there to be more. There were many requirements you had to pass just to be able to try and find a time traveling machine. Little did the government know that the people they chose would mess with the lives of others. Jerad and Alicia were married and had kids but they did not have enough money to support them all. The lack of money made it hard for them to keep the kids well feed every day of the week so that is why they picked up this job. They just wanted…show more content…
They were not ready for what was out there. When they saw where they were they screamed with excitement. They could not believe that it had actually worked. They finally got out. They saw that they were in the same town but this time they were in a store and the time machine was blocked off. It ended up that in 2076, the time they were originally, the time machine was taken into custody by the government and was placed in a museum for everyone to see. They were so happy no one was around to see them come out. They went around looking to find their houses which luckily they did not move so it was not that hard to find. When they got there they thought it would be a good idea to go inside and see what was there. Jerad and Alicia should not have gone in that house because what they saw next changed everything. It turns out that one of their kids died in an accident and even after that the family was happy. They started asking them all of these questions about how they could just live with that and still be happy. This probably went on for some time and then Alicia got mad and she just started the house on fire and went on destroying everything else around them. Jerad had to tackle her to get her to stop. They left the area and tried to find Bob and Angie but they were not able to be
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