Stereotypes Of A Horse Essay

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When a person thinks of the word courage, a big man filled with bravery and athleticism, of grit and gore comes to your mind; a stereotype hero.. like the men who fought for our country in epic wars and battles, carrying the flag of their country high in honour or pride.

I want to write a different story though. A story of an animal; the horse. Now, the horse is also a very inspirational animal, they too are stereotype heros filled with athleticism and heroic courage. Their muscles gleaming in the sun while they gallop over vast spaces or jump over impressive obstacles whilst their mane flow like the waters of a thousand rivers.
But the horse I want to write about are different, on the contrary actually. He was not built in a very athletic manner, infact, he was rather a small horse with not a lot of stamina. He did have some looks, but he would never win a national show based on his looks or make the
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A set of skeletal bones covered with an unshining brown blanket was a better way to descibe his condition at that moment. Willie was a working cow horse; the type in Africa were that the locals use for rounding up cows and for use in cheap transportation. It was often that you saw these type of horses standing beside a mud hut tied to a post for hours without food and water while the owner are busy partying with a friend around the traditional beer pot. These horses work very hard throughout their lives and are often the most trustful and useful animals alive, yet they recieve little in return. Their heart give in early in their life. I can't tell you how many a horse I see in Africa with big, unemotional and unresponding eyes that just drift through their world without caring anymore. Hearts that gave up. They may learn to trust a human being, but it is the trust of having to for their survival.. not the faithful trust a horse can give in
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