Asrago: A Short Story

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It was just another tranquil night until they came. I remember waking up and vaguely feeling that something strange was going to happen. My heart started beating faster as I heard a small, unfamiliar noise.
A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?”
“He sure looks he’s the one,” an equally tiny voice replied.
Up until this point, my eyes were sealed shut, but at that moment, they flew open before I could stop them. This caused quite a commotion. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw two floating orbs of light collide and crash to the ground with a flash. I sat up ramrod straight and I saw something I was not expecting. Sprawled out on the floor in front of my bed were two tough looking men, dressed in a way I had never seen. Lights were flashing
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What happened immediately after that is hazy in my mind. All I remember is that I passed out and woke up in something that looked like a hospital bed. I spent what seemed like weeks recovering from my first teleportation. When I fully recovered, I learned more about my new surroundings. Asrago was an amazing place. The people were great and the technology available was incredible. There were flying cars, hoverboards, buildings that seemed to seemed to stretch into the sky forever, and a plethora of other stunning displays of the futuristic technology here. After a while though, I started worrying about my family, and I asked Victor when I could see them again. He told me that what I was fighting for was worth a lot more than seeing my family. I could go back to them once all of this was over. Asrago was to be my home for the next few months. I was not entirely satisfied with this answer, but I put the matter out of my mind. After that, I didn’t have much time to even think about my family because my training began. My training with Chuck was very intense. I learned to use abilities that I had not known I had, aided by the technology at Asrago. One day, during my training, I asked Chuck, “Where do I get my powers…show more content…
I have learned how to fly and lift many times my weight, and I have also worked to improve my agility and stamina. The best part of my training was learning to use the weapons at Asrago. My favorite one, the disintegrator, shoots a lethal beam of energy that turns anything it touches into a pile of dust. Despite all of my hard work, there is one thing that I cannot do, and that is teleporting. Even with the help of special suits, I can’t teleport to save my life.
Except for my disappointing teleportation skills, I did well in my training. That’s what I thought at least. Chuck was constantly telling me about another one of my downfalls though. This was my impulsiveness and carelessness in everything I do. He told me how I didn’t think about the decisions I made and how they would affect me and others. Chuck advised me to contemplate what I do before I do it, but I ignored the advice. I didn’t think it would actually help.
Every day at Asrago was the same. My routine had nothing but training all day with breaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in between. I got tired of that really soon, and that routine ended not too long ago. I ate breakfast in a hurry that morning, marched up to Chuck and Victor, who were talking to each other and declared, “I am ready to fight the Beast. I’m tired of doing the same thing everyday and I want to see my family again. I want this to end
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