My Ideal Home Essay

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Everyone has an escape they call paradise. Mine was tucked underneath a sinking sun, letting the silent breeze collect each and every breath I took. My glistening eyes riveted on the heavenly kingdom ablaze with a blistering red and gleaming yellow, leaving my countenance soaked in its color. In a fleeting moment, my curved palms had explored the sandy beach and my scrunched toes dipped into the cool water. I was obsessed with how each living thing, every speck of life had its own individual function, yet they all collided together and exemplified nature’s power. I was intrigued enough to adopt this paradise as my home, but the precious image was no more than a figment of my imagination. A seemingly infinite universe escaped from my fingertips,…show more content…
Yet, my curiosity had remained alive all these years, prompting me to go back once more. I recall only being seven years of age when I found my beautiful home drift away, forgetting the lingering scent of my grandmother’s spiced soup that had once enveloped me in its goodness. Now, the only thing that enveloped me was the walls of my home, sequestering me from the rest of humanity. I was enclosed by walls, imprisoned by the fear of the outside I knew best through films and newspapers. For years, that’s how I lived. Viewing the world through glass. But I am a curious person, eager enough to know how it felt to be on the other side. I wanted to know to see the world that had given me everything that I am. Most importantly, I wanted to expand beyond my boundless pool of imagination. Curiosity had given me a realistic sight of the motherland I had taken ten years to discern. For the first time in forever, my enclosed walls were parted and I could only ever see the sky. Perspiration beaded on my forehead despite my fruitful attempt at cooling myself with a bamboo fan. I had barely stepped foot into my grandfather’s compound when I had been drowning in my own sweat. Before I arrived, I tried to convince myself that even though my childlike memory failed me, my grandfather’s home was not amongst the houses carved out of mud with lizards peeking out from every corner. However, when the car stopped
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