Personal Narrative Essay: The Tale Of The Woods '

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The Woods It is November 24, 2009.I'm at home having a sleepover with my cousin! My cousin, Arasai, and I were by the fire place, on the couch telling scary stories. Of course, the gullible person she is she believed me. This article summons up basically what gullible means," Gullibility is a tendency to be easily manipulated into believing something is true when it isn't." I told her the tale of the "Tall Trees". There was a night when a little girl screamed, but I mean screamed. She yelled so loud you could hear it a mile away. Long story short the cops came. Kids were playing some dumb kiddie games. Unfortunately, the girl went missing in the woods and was never found. Of course, that story is fake but the older neighborhood kids tell it to the younger ones just to scare them. Arasai was scared obviously wondering what happened. I was trying to keep a straight face then busted out laughing. She tried to save herself by saying oh yeah, I knew that. We would joke and have fun but deep down we were scared. Years passed, and the old, creepy wood were still the old creepy woods. So new folks have moved in and my brother and I become close friends with the new kid on block. He happened to move into the house that has a direct path into the woods. My friend DJ, was…show more content…
My birthday was coming up, so I had the grand idea of finally exploring the woods I asked my neighborhood friends that the 1 gift I wanted was to have all of us go in the woodland and not come out till we have explored it all. I was surprised when everyone said yes excitedly. We all met up at my house had cake then started for the silva, aka woods. We started for the entrance. We were all fine until DJ went crazy. He was live on Instagram when he lost connection." AHH! NOOO! WHY," sobbed DJ. To be honest I couldn't tell if he was crying or screaming. After being distracted by DJ we heard something start at us. "AHH," we all whispered softly so, we wouldn't be heard. It's a
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