Personal Narrative Essay: The Trampoline

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It was a hot day but the water was cold. The sun was shimmering off the lake and the water was beautiful. I thought about jumping in but decided to ease myself into the chilly water. I watched my friends and our dads get on the water trampoline ahead of me and yelled “hello”. We were all excited to be at the cabin and were looking forward to playing our annual “King of the Hill,” game! “King of the Hill,” is a long tradition in our family and we keep track of the winner each summer we play. This year was my year to win. Once I got to the Trampoline I could smell the brand new rubber because it was brand new I had got it for my fourteenth birthday this year. Me, Sam, Tyler, and the dads all counted down, “five, four,…show more content…
We some how managed to push them both in. What all three of us then didn't notice at first is that now it would just be us left on the water trampoline! We had no choice but to go after each other. Tyler got on top of me and then Sam tried pushing us both in the water but we turned the tables and pushed Sam but he was too strong for us. They turned on me and I dropped to my stomach and would not allow them to push me off. They tried to pull me but I kicked and they tried to roll me but I held my ground. They were exhausted and laid down to rest beside me. Tyler, Sam and I stood up and were completely out of breath. We knew we had to continue because this day could not end without a winner! We all stood up and began to count backwards again….five, four, three, two, one, go! I decided that I would not leave this raft without being King of the Hill. I used all my strength and energy and pushed Tyler in before he even had a chance to brace himself. Now it was just me and Sam and he looked like he wanted it as bad as me. We locked arms and pushed and pulled each other until we both fell into the freezing cold water. We came up gasping for air and laughing . “We were both Kings of the
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