Personal Narrative: The Trial Of Death

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The Trial of Death
Being a criminal lawyer is not easy, nonetheless when your in the spotlight. Defending a woman accused of mass murder was proving to be harder than it looks. Though I knew it would be a determining case,I decided to take the chance.I had never defended anyone accused of murder, I was always taking smaller cases such as petty theft or assault. My whole reputation as a lawyer and a person was on the line. If I were to lose the case I would be looked upon as a incapable lawyer, yet if I won I would be accused of lying and letting a guilt person free, to commit other crimes.
The days leading up to the day of the trial were brutal. Many sleepless nights spent doing research and preparing questions for the district attorneys and
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She quickly reaches for her phone and keeps looking at the road to see how much longer until she reaches the slower traffic. She quickly dials ‘911’ and puts her phone on speaker and puts the phone down .
“911 what’s your emergency?” The dispatcher says
“Uhh- I’m on highway 512 and my car brakes aren’t working and the traffic slowing down”
“Could you describe your exact location and car ma’am?”
“Yes, uh- I’m coming up next to exit 87 now and I’m in a black suburban”
“Okay, I’ve notified local police and they should be on their way, stay on the phone until you see them approach okay ma’am.”
Anisia says nothing but stays on the phone, she’s starts to hyperventilate as she felt she was coming up to the traffic too soon.
The dispatcher hears her panicking “Ma’am calm down help is on the way”
This causes Anisia to panic more, thinking about the possibilities of the people she could hurt. She looked lost in her head and was not paying attention , suddenly she hears many different car
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She makes her final attempts to stop the car. She screams an ear piercing cry as she collides with the stopped car. Glass flies everywhere, airbags deploy, as Anisia goes flying through the windshield. Anisia makes contact with a street barricade before finally dropping to the floor. As people rush out of their cars some to Anisia and some to the car that was hit, to see the severe injuries. The other driver suffered minor injuries caused by the deployment of the air bags, while Anisia has several deep glass wounds all over her body. She was unconscious and unresponsive.
Within a couple minutes police officers and EMS arrive on scene and they jog over to Anisia. One of the medics checks for a pulse.
“She’s got a small pulse so let’s get her on oxygen and transfer her quick.”
The other medic is trying to get her to become conscious but nothing he tries is working. They bring the bed and out her on it and put her on the ambulance. The total time it took to get to the hospital was around 10 minutes . Every two minutes they checked for a pulse, each time it got fainter and harder to feel. A minute before arriving she flatlined and they tried using an AED but got no reaction . Anisia was pronounced dead upon arriving to the

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