My Favourite Place

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I live near the coast, the coast is a beautiful place where I spend my days basking in the sun, swim in the crystal clear water and am lulled to sleep with the soothing sounds of the waves and warm sea breezes. The past days had been splendid with the sun high in the sky and the waves rolling in as usual. Knocking us from out cloud of happiness, the days started to become gray, the clouds became thick and full of rain with winds that made the waves roar. It looked like there was a bad storm coming so I decided to prepare myself by blocking some windows and doors and making sure that nothing would be swept away by the wind. Once I was assured that everything would stay in its place I made my way inside and packed some essentials in a bag. Making…show more content…
I made my way to the store trying to go as fast as I could, but it seems that I am not the only one that decided to prepare, the streets were packed with people that are also preparing themselves for the worst. After what seemed an eternity I finally reached the grocery store. While I was there I filled a cart with only the necessities and made sure to get them as quickly as possible because the storm seemed to be getting worse. The cart was full with the essentials I made my way to pay for them, when I got to the register I noticed that they were too packed that there was no way I could make my way back home. Relaxing this I grabbed only what I could carry and made a run towards my car. The alarm bouncing a tsunami screeched loud enough for the entire city to hear. Growing full of worry I noticed that people around me had also made a run with groceries in hand and some of the most needed even with carts full. I was shocked not expected to ever see the peaceful city near the coast in so much terror and what was yet to come. I stood there looking at my surroundings some parts of the city already looking like ghost towns. Sill standing there a stranger raced his way past me knocking me out of my daze. Then realizing that the alarm announces that the tsunami would hit in ten minutes I grew full of terror and shock as I remembered that my dog and
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