Personal Narrative Essay: The Value Of Living In Texas

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Often I hear the phrases “this state sucks or I can 't wait to move” but many don 't know exactly where they want to go. As for me when asked if I could live anywhere, Texas came across my mind instantly .

My first time visiting Texas, I hope some day I could possibly live there.

Seeing all my family is what I found most enjoyable about being there. Here in New Jersey, it 's just my dad, sister and me, so it gets pretty boring. In Texas I want to experience having a different surrounding,i don 't know, and especially the good food. Being in Texas I got the privilege of trying all different kinds of foods that my grandparents made. My favorite foods were the ones my my hicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy and all the bbq you can think
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Many people choose where they want to live based on prices. New Jersey is one of the highest property tax states in the United States. That make it very hard to live here even with a decent amount salary. In Texas and those southern states the property tax is a lot lower. Financially living in Texas would definitely be beneficial to me . “Southern Hospitatlity” is no joke down there, that statement truly became a reality to me spending a few weeks down there. People will go out of there way to start a conversation and become friendly. Being down there gave me the reality how much easier life would be, everyone

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is so much nicer and always looking out of you . New Jersey is far from that, many people are always keeping to themselves and putting others down. I truly hope one day instead of saying” if I could live anywhere I would choose”, but instead saying I 'm so glad I was able to move to Texas .When being in Texas I got a sense of feeling at home, which I don 't get to often in New Jersey. Texas will soon one day be the place I call
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