Personal Narrative Essay: Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

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Rain began to lightly drizzle onto my shoulders as I passed the endless headstones. It seemed like the cement markers continued for miles, and for miles they did indeed. With my fellow freshman, I ascended the hill of Arlington National Cemetery; the expanse of graves produced a feeling of sorrow within me almost impossible to illustrate. Tears began to well within me, and I had to choke them back. It was not yet time to cry. After weaving through the graves of our heroes for thirty more minutes, we finally reached the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The weight of what I was about to do began to sink in. I met with the sergeant who explained the movements step by step, and then proceeded with my three fellow peers to the top of the platform. In the far distance, the Washington Monument and Pentagon entered my line of sight. But in front of me, all I could perceive were the graves. I know in recollection that my peers and teachers surrounded me, but at that moment, I saw nothing but the heroes set before me. The walking guard’s booming voice cut …show more content…

What was not the same, however, was myself. I had always possessed a love for our free, opportune country, and those who pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect it. That was the driving force for me to even enter an essay into the contest to lay the wreath. After the ceremony, the cost of freedom became more evident to me than ever. This ceremony transformed my love into a passion. A passion to thank a veteran every time I notice one walk past me on the street. A passion to begin serving our injured and elderly veterans at the Veterans Administration hospital. A passion to nurture the diversity that truly makes this country “America the Beautiful.” A passion for my career to be one that helps this country remain the land of the free and home of the brave. With freedom on my side, this passion has and will become a

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