Confirmation Day Narrative Essay

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I had just arrived at my house from an arduous and tiresome day of school. The amount of homework I received accumulated rapidly and piled up throughout the endless day. However, the numerous hours of tedious homework were not what I was concerned about that day. Instead, I dreaded what I had to do besides my homework: Volunteering for my Confirmation class. I cringed every Wednesday that I attended my Confirmation class. I simply believed this event was a waste of my precious time. Unfortunately, this event was required if I wanted to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, so I reluctantly arrived at Saint Francis Xavier Church. It all began on a cold winter day in February. The snow was a white blanket, as it completely covered the ground. As the car crawled to the church, my heartbeat rose…show more content…
I quickly looked at the door of the church and made my plans to escape, but it was too late. The homeless people arrived and the door was locked so that the homeless people could not escape. I missed my chance. When they arrived, a pungent filthy smell came across my nose. I also heard the piercing screams and shouts of some of the homeless people as they entered the church. Their clothing was also torn and tattered. At that instant, I felt extremely embarrassed about the privileges and blessings that I had compared to what little they had, yet they were not complaining. Eventually, my catechist told me that I should interact with Brad, one of the homeless people. I could not say no, so I trudged over there. The conversation was a little bit awkward, but eventually, Brad told some entertaining and fascinating stories about his life. I was moved by how unfortunate Brad’s life had been because of circumstances he could not control. I was intrigued to learn more about his story, but by then, I needed to leave for a basketball
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