Personal Narrative-It's Time To Walk Into School

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Walking into school today was supposed to be normal. Like every other day, instead I was mobbed by almost the entire school. OVer in the corner was the nerd, although I am sure that she is anything but a nerd, kinda. “Omg, he is so cute!” “Girl he is mine!” Coming back into reality I finally heard people talking. “Woah, guys what is going on!?!” “You did not hear?” The nerd talked….she never talks. Ever! “What do you mean?” “The last ‘king’ stepped down with his girlfriend. Talked about wanting to just live life to the fullest and moving on to college. So, now you are the top dog.” Everyone stood in shock not know where the sound was coming from. They looked around constantly trying to find the source looking over the nerd everytime. Man they…show more content…
“Guys, I am not the president, I can not put these things into play!” Her eyes lit up the corridor when I saw her standing there with laughter screaming through her eyes. “What? What 's so funny?” “Nothing, just that you do have the power to do such things.” “I don’t understand…” “Of course you don 't…. The leader, of whatever you would like to call your self has the power of such meathodies… that is all I shall say for now.” I watch as she walks away again leaving the group surrounding me in shock. I walk into class hoping it to be normal, but of course it is not nothing is anymore. “Blah blah blah” I tone out the rest of the lesson thinking, about what I need to do…..there are just somethings that I don 't understand.. When is it the right time to do certain things?… Who is the most important person that I should listen to? Also what is the most important activity.? Maybe if I post it online I might get some luck. I will wait for lunch so they can 't take my phone. Right when I exist the classroom I am again bombarded. “Guys I just want to eat lunch!” A dark giggle fills the halls, it was as light as a feather but still makes all of your senses stand on alert. “Hmm I see you still can’t get away from them.” “What do you want!” “Nothing just a warning, be careful of what time you leave.” “Is that a threat?!” And she is gone...again. Walking into the cafeteria I since almost all eyes on me. Grabbing some food I sit at my normal table again with people bombarding me! I just want to eat in peace. Grabbing my phone, I finally post my questions. I post that if anyone could answer these questions I would give them $500 for some answers, but only for correct answers, answers that make sense. Looking over at the ‘nerd’ as some call her… she really is not that bad. She can be a great friend, or that is what I was told from the people that left her to be ‘popular’. I

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