Personal Narrative Essay: Walking Into School

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Walking into school today was supposed to be normal. Like every other day, instead I was mobbed by almost the entire school. OVer in the corner was the nerd, although I am sure that she is anything but a nerd, kinda. “Omg, he is so cute!” “Girl he is mine!” Coming back into reality I finally heard people talking. “Woah, guys what is going on!?!” “You did not hear?” The nerd talked….she never talks. Ever! “What do you mean?” “The last ‘king’ stepped down with his girlfriend. Talked about wanting to just live life to the fullest and moving on to college. So, now you are the top dog.” Everyone stood in shock not know where the sound was coming from. They looked around constantly trying to find the source looking over the nerd everytime. Man they are really that low... although I don 't really blame them her voice was like magic with an edge of roughness and it was full of authority. “Wow guys I am right in front of you.” She got of the lockers she was leaning on and walked forward with a dark look in her eyes that was normally fear….this was not fear, this was authority, a cool authority, as though she is not trying to put it there. It is like her whole posture is demanding respect. This is not normal, it is like she is a completely different person. She never talks unless necessary and even then it is only a few lines. Why is she walking over here!?! “Oh shut up Aadhyaa!” “For the last time My. Name. Is. AADHYA.” ……. But I am a leader!? I am probably going to be a terrible
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