Personal Narrative Essay: Walking To Nowhere

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Walking to Nowhere

We woke up bright and early on Monday morning, January 30th, and prepared for our long day that we had ahead of us. We had decided that we were going to hike Dragon’s Back, the Hong Kong equivalent of Mount Major, and then go on to the bird market, flower market, goldfish market, and jade market. We also had to check out of our hotel by 1 pm and our flight to Manila left at 8 pm. We left our hotel by 7 am and took the MTR to the bus terminal where we took the number 9 bus to the trailhead. There were only a couple of people on the bus when we left for the trailhead. Because we wanted to go to all of the other markets and still had to pack up our things, we decided that we were not going to hike the whole loop, and we would catch a
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When Dad hiked it the week before we came, he said he must have passed 1000 people. At first we didn’t believe him. The first part of our hike was very beautiful and there was one spot where you can see ocean on either side of the mountain. There were not many other people on the trail so we were able to stop and take lots of pictures. When we got to the end of the trail, instead of taking a right, which would have led us to the bus, we took a left and did the whole loop. As we were approaching the trailhead, we heard all of this chatter. It sounded like a tour group or maybe a birthday party, but we could not see anything (yet). Going down the final flight of steps to the bus stop where we were dropped off, we probably passed 200 people. We had to walk down the stairs in a single file line, even sometimes walking in the ditch that was beside the trail. It seemed like all of Hong Kong, their cousins, and their dogs were hiking that day. We got back on the same bus and headed back to the MTR station and to our hotel. As we headed back into town and towards the bus terminal were we first caught the bus, we could not believe what we saw. There were about 200-250 people queued up to get on the bus to
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