Personal Narrative Essay: What Is A Dragon's Pain?

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I have plenty of dragons within me and ones that I have fought and I 'm still fighting today. One of my dragons that I fight is my anger towards certain people in my life. Which is like Beowulf fight Grendels mother. Another dragon that I fought with was my pain when I was a kid. Which is like Beowulf fighting Grendel. Another dragon I fight with is my depression towards school. Which I compare it to the dragon. Everybody has dragons, but it 's one 's choice to give in or to the fight to your dragons. The reason why I related my Dragon towards anger and the fight between Beowulf and Grendel 's mother. It 's because after Beowulf kills Grendel and then Grendel 's mother gets very angry and she tried to kill Beowulf as revenge for him killing her son. I can relate because not…show more content…
Also with small things like if I get very angry with my dad because he 's frustrating me or my cousin who keeps calling me. And if anyone just getting on my nerves, I will get pretty mad, well usually I don 't really get angry, but when I do I get very very mad. I would say this is a dragon that I 've been dealing with my entire life and I will keep on dealing with it because I need to work on my anger, it when I do get angry but everyone has anger and I think everyone deals with in their own way. Another dragon that I have fought with what is my pain when I was a child. And I related this towards Beowulf fighting Grendel. Are used this as an example because Grendel if it 's kind of like a child, I would kind of want to say and he

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