Reflective Essay: Defining Me

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It took me quite a while to decide what defines me. What it means to be something. It comes easy to all my friends who describe me in all types of ways. From confidant and bold, to hyper and insecure. That I have this dedication, this need for things to be a certain way, as a perfectionist would, but my methods are far from “perfect”. They tell me I’m comfortable to be around, and have open ears to whoever wants to talk, even if I don’t know a thing, or even care about the subject matter. My words are well thought out, and insightful, and I appreciate the connection of the little things. Yet I couldn’t think of anything that I am. So after hours of talking to myself out loud, and making jokes; I was ready to give up. It's almost midnight, my families going to sleep, I flop on my bed and take out my phone. There it is, another twitter post, this one proving my theories right in a show I currently enjoy. So, like any other sane person on Earth, I ran into my parents bedroom, both of them looking at me in alarm as I enthusiastically go…show more content…
As humans we are social creatures, why else did we build cities, and live together as families? Yes, it is cheaper, and industrialization and society is all involved as well. Yet, many times we prefer being with others. WE want to know their opinions, their thoughts, their feelings. Why else to people make forums to watch shows? Or have late night skype calls? Even live tweeting events. We have this need to show others our emotions, for them to accept and validate our emotional side. It isn’t something to be ashamed of, rather you should embrace it, let your feelings out. Connect to others with your words and let them feel things to. Isn’t that was love is? Or what family and friends and other relationships are? We have to feel to connect. By doing so, we are in turn, being

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