God In My Life

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Ever since I first learned to think beyond what my parents taught me, I pondered the question of life. I believed my parents, in that God created all living things and that Jesus Christ died for my sins. Still, I did not want to blindly follow my parents’ belief when I bore the gift of logic. For a time, I lost myself, my purpose, in pursuit of the truth. Then came a night when my life changed. God reminded me, through my piano, that He was my purpose. This night defined the moment my piano became something more than just another object.
One summer night, I threw the chalk-white door to my room open in exasperation. My life seemed utterly pointless. The entirety of my being encompassed only school and UIL. I constantly questioned whether my
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I barely countered the questions, trying with all my strength to defend the cornerstone of whatever hope remained of a shadow of purpose for my life. Finally, a question came, which I did not know the answer to: “Where is God in your life?” Despite my desperation, the foundation my life stood on began to crumble. I cried out in distress to God, “Are you really there?” Then, suddenly, an answer came. It came as a hurricane, a storm of colors and light in my mind. My entire life flashed before my eyes; except, it was different. Every memory connected with each other like a jigsaw puzzle, forming a pattern. My life was not just a series of random events. It had a purpose: to bring me to God. Everything, every lesson I had learned, He had used to prepare me for this show of His power. It was as if I could see a new color, as if I were color-blind until that revelation. My hands stopped on the piano’s keys. That answer, I knew it did not come from me. I saw things I had forgotten long-ago. God had answered me. It was in that moment I found purpose: Him. I resumed my playing, to praise His glory, yet the melody had transformed. It no longer sounded like an archaic orchestra but as a song that would not be written for a thousand years. The most beautiful thing I had ever heard came after the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced. That was the beauty of
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