True American Father

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You know that, there is no doubt that I am a true American. I was born in Texas, the southern part of U.S.A. I had a happy and memorable childhood with my mother and younger brother. I seldom saw my brother. People around me always said he worked in NASA. When I was a little kid, I always imagined that my father is a handsome and a great captain. He seldom came back to see us because his work was extremely busy. He was a nice, easy-going man, and he always brought a lot of gifts form all over the world to us. When I was 4 years old, he brought LEGO toys from Denmark, the country of origin. When we grow older, he gradually brought different age-level gifts for us. I was clearly remembered when I was 7-year-old, he brought 7 robots model form…show more content…
So we expected him to came back, every day and every year, we were waiting our father. We missed his smile, his words. Gradually, he started to be our hero and idol, we kept his only picture and looked at it everyday in order to remind us to work hard and become a successful and great man as my father. In this way, my younger brother and me worked hard every day, and all got satisfied grade when we graduated form senior high school. I got the offer of Massachusetts Institute of Technology successfully, and I dreamed to be an astronaut in the very-near future. Additionally, it is OK for me if I wanted to be a…show more content…
Till now, it is difficult for me to forget that afternoon in later spring. On that day, the gentle breeze touched me, and the golden sunlight was stunning. I felt a little sad when I saw the dead spring blossom in our pretty yard. A man knocked our house, and told us our father.....have died in an air accident when he went to England for business. No one can found his corpse, even the damage body of the plane. I could hardly believe my ears: my father, the man that we always admired and loved, the man who is hard-working and enthusiastic, died. There is no reason to prove that. I sited in the yard for a long time, until the sunlight have disappeared. We always, always image a warm, beautiful twilight in late spring, our father will knock the door of our house, and bring us gifts from all over the world, like he used to be. We still believed that my father is still alive, but he is brought by aliens in order to help them do some research on human, because he is so intelligent. But in the earth, the UFO was hard to find, because they often hide in the deep universe, in order to let people could not discover my
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