Personal Narrative Essay: Whole Food

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In my path of exploring new, complex and bomb flavors, I stumbled across of a new gem while happy-houring with friends. The ever talkative Lisa ordered Truffle fries. I was intrigued by the request and order the lobster mac and cheese. no damn way I am going to waste money trying out something I may not like. Plus ill just try off of her plate. How many times has she picked of mine? Plenty enough to return the favor without any problems.

So after the food arrived I casually snatched a few fries and had mixed feelings. The fries itself were lukewarm and limp like a lover who spent most of his free time on the couch and not the gym. But the FLAVOR!!!!!! DELICIOUS! I found myself licking my fingers loudly and drawing negative
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She told me that it’s truffle oil that was drizzled over the fries and it 's relatively cheaper than truffles. So I hit that birdman hand rub, gassed up the pacer and headed to the only place I thought I could get the best expensive cuisine, Whole Foods. Not just any Whole Foods by the way. The whole foods that rich usually white people go to. The one in Chevy Chase.(Folks upset by that please understand that this is not going to be found at Walmart on Georgia Ave.) As expected I found it and was surprised at the variety in which truffle oil came in. So I decided to get the cheapest one and it was the Rustico White Truffle Oil. It was on sale so most definitely I had to cop that,…show more content…
My most trusted and dependable friend Google suggest that I try it on popcorn. So I did but I had to add some things to it. I shredded some smoked gouda cheese and sprinkled some smoked paprika over the hot popcorn and then drizzled just a tiny bit of truffle oil over the popcorn. I was ready for Scandal night. SON!! thay were so delicious! I was loudly licking my fingers with nobody around but Jesus and he knows my soul.
Turn out that truffle oil has this interesting taste. Its like a musty garlic earthy flavor that makes your taste buds hit that Rick Flair “WOOOOOOOO”.

Going back to my most trusted and dependable friend Google I learned how to enhance several of my favorite meals. I ending up preparing Grits, Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Soups, and salads. I believe that you need to get yo life together then get on this. You will be pleasantly surprised like finding money in your coat pocket. Also, what better way to stunt on your friends during Thanksgiving by presenting to your family Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese. (recipe on

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