Personal Narrative Essay: Why Baseball Is Better Than High School

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I always asked everyone about college and if they think it is better than High school. Many say that it is hard but, some people think it is better because it is on you. As of right now, I am truly enjoying the college life and working hard and making friends and trying to fit new things. However, this does not come easy for me and it took me a long time to get use to the difference between highs school and college. In high school, I played baseball and I have always been known in West Warwick so playing baseball as easy for me, but this year it changed because I started to play for the college baseball team and I became very busy. College baseball is nothing like High school because it is all different people from different states and towns and you have no clue who anyone is. This was a true struggle for me because usually I am friendly and know what I am doing but, this year I had no clue what was going on. Instead of having thirty kids try out like high school, there was around fifty adults trying out,…show more content…
Just because you are playing a college sport does not mean you can just go slack off in school. Study hall is a weekly obligation that must be done 5 hours a week including College 101. At first, I was nervous and I thought that I would not have a lot of time, but then I got to understand that study hall is a huge asset because you get your work done at college and you do not have to bring a huge stressful work load home with you. In study hall, I was able to get all my work done and I truly believe that study hall kept me away from procrastinating which made me have a successful fall semester in 2016. In addition to study hall being a part of being on the baseball team, we also went for community service to help an elementary school for kids and their homework and it was a great experience that made me be grateful that I was on the baseball team and be able to help kids that need
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