Personal Narrative Essay: Why Did I Die In Marching Band

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“Oh ma gosh, did you know about this?!” I couldn't believe my eyes! The image burned into the back of my head and through. How was this allowed? I was never expecting this to happen, not in a million years. Well, what could I expect, booty shorts, sure. It was marching band after all. Marching band began 2 days after my 15th birthday. I was both excited and scared of what was to happen to my well being. Would I make friends, would I be mocked, would I get yelled at? Most of all, would I die. Oh, but how can you die in marching band you might ask? There are these trained assassins of the band, the most malevolent people of all. Mess with them and off to the hospital you go. Am I kidding? Not at all. They are called the guard. I was glad that in the beginning we didn’t practice with them…show more content…
I had heard that the reagan marching band was completly hard core, working out, and playing perfectly all the time. One of the best. I did not know the first thing about football or what yard lines, hash lines, side lines were. Basically anything about the sport I was a downright neophyte. That whole first week I learned to march, not very hard, I felt tired, but these people were so Intence as Craft says. We got breaks and a parts it was fun, but not crazy, weird as I was labled in my middle school band. They knew how to work, and not have fun. They needed to lighten up. The second week started and I discoved my family. Running screaming, flailing their arms, singing off key. Thats the band I knew, and they delivered. Thursday, throw back thursday, the most iconic day in history. Boys pull out your short shorts, and please please don’t go faster than a granny walk. I felt so awkward. It was so refreshing and everyone looked free. Music
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