Personal Narrative Essay: Wisdom And Personal Experiences

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Wisdom, is commonly known as having basic knowledge as well as good judgement. Although the common assumption is that wisdom is simply the ability to retain and remember specific facts, but in reality wisdom is the knowledge gained from making mistakes and learning from them in personal experiences. I too have gained wisdom through multiple personal experiences such as my mothers best friend being diagnosed with breast cancer, being cut from the varsity basketball team in eleventh grade, and learning from my mistakes in my previous relationship with my ex girlfriend. A major experience in my life that gave me the knowledge to fully appreciate my mother was when her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mothers best friend being diagnosed had a major impact on both her family and ours because of how close we have become. During this time I watched how my mothers best friend, Stacy, would struggle to complete everyday tasks since being put on chemotherapy, but I watched my mother complete these tasks such as food shopping and cleaning the house. These everyday tasks that seemed so simple to complete, but if not completed the home wouldn 't operate efficiently, and now my mother was essentially doing all these duties for both houses ours and Stacy’s. Being a child at the time I was incapable of fully appreciating what my mother was not only doing for ou family on a daily basis, but also for Stacy and her family. Tis experience would give me the wisdom to never

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