Personal Narrative Essay: Women's In The Armed Force

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I am a strong believer in woman joining into the armed forces. They have different ways of thinking and solving problem. You get more opinions plus they are more than capable to achieve the standards of all armed forces. Women are also more sensitive about things which sometimes is what can save your life in a combat zone. Most people say that women are unfit and incapable to submit to military life. Men are always judging women thinking that men are superior and better. In some cases men are superior it just depends on what they are trained and qualified for that job. I can see where they're coming from, because it's always been women stay home and support them that way. They are afraid to change that because it’s what they have always done, and feel like if they allowed it they would get special privileges and be treated better. Women have all rights to join the armed forces, they have been in the military before like GI Jane. I agree they shouldn't get special treatment. Other than than that men and women are the same when they put that uniform on. Everyone has the willpower to do what is needed for the task at hand. Men have always treated women different because they think males are the dominate race. We are equal and should be granted the same rights. The military is a fighting force that protects us and grants us the freedom that…show more content…
Which is harder then you think. Nurses not only take care of the sick nd injuried they are on the battlefield helping on the frontline. It may not be shooting the enemey but when you get shot the person you yell for is “Medic”. They come into or behind enemey lines just to help you. Even if they can't save your life they stay right there doing there best to do so. Why not let them be the one fighting they have already prove they have the guts and willpower to be there and help out. For instant GI Jane join as a “man” and became a
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