Exemplification Essay: A Short Story

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Standing a line Old people often say: "take eggs and fried it .It tastes delicious, and it is incensed." You can fry as much as you eat." When fried it, first baggy bag leather, then crack the eggs, into the egg liquid bag lining, good pressure sealed bag leather, and then the pack good egg liquid bag leather into the pan Fried. This Fried coke is tender, spray fragrant delicious, very delicious. Not, Xiang Yang Village has a Fried dough sticks, buy tofu pudding was sold by an old couple decades, in addition to busy harvest, the family thing and the Spring Festival, never close. The old person became older and older, in recent years, the old couple humpback has been forming, every day four or five o 'clock in the morning began to make…show more content…
Because the first person was an old man, and he was chatting with Chen(the owner of this stalls). So she was the second person arrived there. Jone put her eggs in the south part of the box that Chan was used to putting his money, and Jone paid for the snack. Wait for 20 minutes, There is a lot person came to the stall that Jone know or don 't know, or the person lived in the same village or live in the different village. A lot of people put the egg on the table to have a row number, but a woman called Ada that looks like an old person but she is middle-aged put her eggs in the northern part of the money box. However, Chen did not take enough eggs to did the snacks. Finally, Chen started to fire the "air bag". The first old man 's "air bags" put into the oil pan, Jone thought the dough had a little dirty, so she quickly chooses four dough that it looks cleaner to the old Chen to put on her snacks, and watched the dough stuffed eggs put into the pot. Then Jone staring at the pot. Because she was afraid that other person took her snacks away. The first snack was finished, that old man took it away happily. the Jone should take the second snack, but Ada was fat she squeezes Jone away, and took the snack

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