Personal Narrative Essay: Yours Is The Day

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“Yours is the day. Yours also is the night. You have prepared the light and the Sun.”

This verse ran through my mind as I paced the Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium after a long church service with my neighbors. Regardless of who I was, they hoped for me to find myself. So they took me everywhere: sight-seeing, fishing, wreath-making, Space Camp, bible camps, etc. Space Camp changed the life of their eldest daughter, a fellow Spartan, and me, while it bored the two younger daughters. When an astronaut explained how she survived the vacuum of space with a hole in her glove, that was beyond motivating. There was nothing to fear in the pursuit of matterless science.

Despite that boost, following Columbia, my mother substituted all the telescopes with microscopes and planted medical dictionaries on the
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In the end, the time-filler would earn me a minor and some handy skills. For example, a magnetic skill was from stagecraft. There was an appreciation in electronically building the sets that performers could trust themselves to dance on. To form my mixed scientific and artistic vision, or generally the blueprints, a plasma cutting skill added layers. Constantly, being around the fourth element is as powerful as how the first human on the Sun would someday feel. By networking, I met an alumni who had a bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics and Theatre. Interestingly, he merged his intellect of Solar Physics to become a profound lighting designer. Inspirationally, he told me the best advice in my collegiate years. “Don’t give up one. There are two points. Two points start off on the same horizon, but eventually one point becomes a vertical line that reaches high. Take the hypotenuse.” To clarify, how he built his career was his strength in theatre and his firmness in Astrophysics, where they are not exclusive to his life’s work. Astounded, I hope to follow the same formula. Perhaps, life would be a
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